Motion Pictures

Call to discuss your project, we work at all stages (of motion pictures,) from script to screen.

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Our handle television production, promo commercials and documentaries.

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Events & Entertainment

We offer our talents to organize events, obtain sponsorship in some cases and record the entire process.

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Movies & Entertainment

The business of making script to screen movies and entertainment events that rock. Making movies and entertainment are our passion. Taking a concept or basic script and turning that into a full scree motion picture is challenging and involves a lot of talented people. People are what we believe make all difference between an okay picture and a very successful full blown cinematic release with great content and massive cult following and of course lucrative for its investors and crew.

Our focus is to build really captivating, entertaining and enjoyable content that people will pay to watch at home, in the cinema or the arena.

There is no typical day in the movie making business, each day contains a new set of challenges that we are paid to focus on preparing for and making those challenges into great entertainment. We have experience in a number of different movie genres, so we are no stranger to variety.

If you decide to participate in one of our new movies its going to be a great deal of fun and sometimes challenging but that is what makes it interesting.

Contact Motion Pictures if you are interested changing the way people see the world and enjoy the experience while you are above ground. Just click here.


If you are

An investor, producer, writer, actor, events planner, marketeer, business man looking to tell your story. We can help, but you have to pick the telephone and call us.