David Parsley is Chief Financial Officer for Motion Picture Entertainment Group with over thirty five years of experience in general business accounting, and the high tech industry as Chief Financial Officer for a number of companies. He brings a high level of integrity to the financial management and reporting requirements of this organization.

He was the founder of Flagship Systems Inc, serving as Chief Financial Officer and Board Member, building a successful accounting software company and obtaining venture capital financing.

His experience includes executive level management and marketing positions with corporations such as, Hyatt Hotels, Red Lobster Restaurants, and Sage Software. David has served as Controller for several companies and CFO for three successful startup companies.

David holds a Bachelor of Science (Accounting) degree from the University of Baltimore. His military experience includes six years active duty, serving as a Captain, helicopter pilot, and an aircraft maintenance test pilot, both in Vietnam, and in the states. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with ratings in fixed wing, single and multi engine, helicopter and instrument rated, and has flown over 4,500 accident free hours.