Motion Pictures

Our approach to movie making focuses on what makes money. This all starts with a great script that tells a great story people can relate to themselves. Knowing how to take a story concept to script, then to the screen is what we have over 200 years of experienced professionals on the team to make that happen.

So if you would like to work with seasoned veterans that have energy of young people just make contact and we will take it from there.

Production Services

If you are creating a movie, television program, serious commercial, infomercial or documentary we can help get you from concept to camera and on air.

If you're interested in our production services and want to find out more click here. If you're looking for work see our careers and casting link.

Events & Entertainment

We have shot the races, concerts, polo and other sports and entertainment for more than 40 years. We can switch live or in the can. Just call us and talk about your event, we plan on building our own entertainment venue in the sunny state of Florida close to Disney. Motion Picture Entertainment Group is involved in building entertainment venues as well as recording at them. So we really know the business of entertaining lots of people.

We can cater for race meets, formula one, NASCAR, Indi car racing, boat racing, motor cycle racing, motocross, show jumping, polo, air racing, musical concerts, performing arts, motion picture production, private car racing, racing school and almost any event you can imagine we can support it and bring it life.

If you would like to book an event or see our events schedule click here


How do we see production

Production and Entertainment is a lot about planning and organizing. Then checking, preparing the site and producing the content live or in the can.

Equipment & Resources

We have access to all the latest cameras, lighting, sound and post production special effects. Ask about our 4k drone solution and ultra high definition content productions services.


Make a point to talk...

It easy to pick up the telephone listed below and start a conversation about your project idea or event and we can really make it happen.