Simon Speight
Simon Speight is the Chief Information Officer for Motion Picture Entertainment Group and is also CIO for TriGlobal Energy based in Dallas Texas. Simon Speight was on the board of Patriarch Capital back in 2004 was CIO of an insurance company and raised $350m on the NASDAQ. Worked with TI, Oncor, DOE and the Corps of Engineers to help get LEDs accepted for their energy and environmentally friendly attributes. While in the United States, Simon consulted with Sage and Dac Easy handling all of the Ernst Young global consulting measurement software internationally. Served on the board of two public companies, setup an international television news channel broadcasting live financial news out of Dallas & Toronto.
Prior to that in the UK Simon worked for the Lord Chancellors Department in London and consulted with ICL/Fujitsu to implement the e-commerce BBC Shop at the BBC in London. Worked and consulted in a wide area of industries and government in the United States, England, Europe, Asia.